The Importance of Tattoo Placement

Meet Angela

Angela Jordan is a personal trainer and owner of Camp AJ Athletic Conditioning. When I interviewed Angela for my book, she emphasized the importance of tattoo placement. The body is the canvas and tattoos are art, so where it goes on the body is very important. She explained that a tattoo can make the body look better or worse. For example, a poorly placed tattoo on the thigh can actually make the leg look bigger, whereas certain shapes of tattoos can make the body look leaner.


At the time of the interview, Angela didn’t have nearly as much ink. As a trainer, she felt it was important that people could see her physique. Several months ago, when I saw that Angela had added a glorious lion neck tattoo to her collection of body art, I decided to reach out to her. Even now, it’s rare to see neck tattoos. She first seriously considered getting a neck tattoo when she saw a photo of herself with a large necklace that covered most of her neck. She liked the look and quickly decided to take the plunge. While she has received reactions from people, Angela says that there hasn’t been too much negativity towards her ink. It’s mostly shock or surprise because people don’t expect to see neck tattoos, particularly on women.


The neck piece took several hours to complete. When I asked her if it was painful, she said that it actually didn’t hurt too badly. The hardest part was when they wiped the area. (Keep in mind that we all have different pain thresholds, and I’m pretty sure I would cry like a baby.)


Even though Angela has added over twelve tattoos to her collection, placement is still very important to her. When she adds new art, she looks to see how it is balanced with her other tattoos. She says that she will continue to get more ink as she comes up with more and more ideas.


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