Tattoos: Art for the Masses


Nicole from Divinity Tattoo


Jesse from Knuckleheads

Alex Panda-4935

Alex (Panda) from Knuckleheads


Body of Art

Even though I’ve always appreciated body art, I realized there was a lot I didn’t know about the world of tattoos. While interviewing people for my tattoo book, I developed a deeper appreciation for tattoo artists. Reality shows and social media have done a lot to share the work of these incredible artists, but sometimes these platforms glamorize the industry. I learned about the sacrifices these individuals make to be a part of this industry and community. For example, I never really thought about the fact that they have to work very different hours than most people. In order for them to be available to their clients, they have to work when most people are off work. That means weekends and long nights. Sometimes they have to miss out on family events and vacations. Sometimes their marriages suffer because they have to spend long hours at the studio. Despite these challenges, however, these tattoo artists remain passionate and dedicated to their work. They continually push themselves artistically, and they create amazing art for the masses.


There’s also another aspect about tattoos that I’ve learned to appreciate since studying this burgeoning art form. Over the past year, we’ve seen horrible stories on the news about people losing their homes and precious valuables from floods, fires, and other natural disasters. People who have tattooed their loved ones or the art they love onto their bodies will have that with them for the rest of their life. I’m sure that the trend for tattoos will continue to evolve, but there will always be an appreciation and place for body art.


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