Robert Capa: Photographer Profile

Whenever I interview someone, I usually ask them about their greatest influence. You can learn a lot about a person from their influences. What qualities attract us? How do these individuals shape our style, workflow, methodology, and etc? Maybe this influential person is someone in our field, or maybe it’s someone we know well.   I had been involved in photography for a few years before I had learned about Robert Capa, but when I had watched a documentary about his life, I became fascinated with the way he worked, his courage, and his incredible talent. Capa was a Jewish Hungarian photojournalist as well as one of the founding partners of Magnum Photos cooperative. As a young man, Capa witnessed the violence that was consuming Europe. He was part of a generation that watched Spain fall into civil war and Hitler rise to power in Germany. Capa was undaunted by the danger all around him. For example, during World War II, Capa parachuted with American troops where they were dropped into Germany. Hundreds of paratroopers died and Capa could have easily died with them, but it never stopped him from capturing footage of the war. Because of Capa, we have a glimpse […]

Body of Art

  I’m naturally a really shy person, but I’m also very curious. Photography has afforded me opportunities to learn about people, various cultures, and different perspectives. As I come to the end of my book, I’m revisiting some of the earlier shoots, when I didn’t know for sure how this project would evolve. I’m so grateful and honored to have met some incredible people through this portrait series. It’s easy to think that we’re all so different that we feel we can’t connect. If anything, this project taught me that no matter how different our lives may be, there’s is always a place to connect with people. We just have to take the time and listen. The black and white photo is from the very first shoot for my book. Angela taught me a lot about what it’s like being a tattooed woman in today’s world. I have been lucky to have worked with Angela on many shoots, and I’m very honored to have her in my book.


I found these remains in my backyard. I don’t usually experiment too much with black and white photography, but I felt like these skeletons looked better with that effect. Now I understand why I see so many owls and golden eagles in my backyard. Apparently there’s been quite the buffet in my backyard.

Amaranthe, Butcher Babies, Lullwater

Every time a I photograph a concert, I usually encounter some challenges. It’s never completely smooth sailing, which I kind of like. I look at concert photography like a game because my success depends on my ability to adapt to any situation and compose shots that others will find interesting. Amaranthe, Butcher Babies, and Lullwater are great bands ,and I highly recommend you check out their music. So this blog has nothing to do with their performances. The concert was probably my most challenging event, and it was mainly because the venue was very dark. Pub Rock is a cozy venue, and I have actually played on their stage a couple of times. If you’re there to enjoy watching a band, it’s a great venue. However, if you’re a photographer, you’re going to feel a little frustrated. For one thing, there was no photo pit. The place was packed and the only way I could get close enough to the stage was to make a deal with a couple of people near the front, that, if they just gave me the first song to get my shots, I’d stay out of their way. The second problem was that the musicians […]

Tattle Tales: Session One

You could say I have a strong interest in tattoos. I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for years, but I’m still without any markings. Whenever I see people with body art, I tend to ask them the story behind their tattoo. This gave me the idea to start my portrait series called Tattle Tales. My intention is to interview people from all different walks of life who have elaborate tattoos. I want to hear their stories and why they chose that particular art for their body. This is a project that will be ongoing for a long time. Ultimately I would like to create a book. But until I reach that point, I will be blogging about my experiences as I gather people’s stories. The two photos above are from my first session, when I interviewed Angela Jordan. She’s a trainer who spent many years competing in body building and fitness contests. I’ve always admired her fearlessness and her physical and mental discipline. Every tattoo on her body has a special meaning. The ivy on her back is protection. When I took her picture I wanted to show her strength, but also that softness that comes with having such a […]

Scouting Locations

Typically, I’ll do a photo shoot anywhere. When you look at my photos, you’ll notice that I tend to get in fairly close to my subject so that you really don’t see too much of the background. It’s not really a conscious thing. It just happens. However, because I always want to push myself artistically, I’ve been adding different elements into the mix. For example, I really love location shoots. It’s tough and tedious at times, but I try to look at it like an adventure. When I find that perfect spot that tells a story or creates a mood, it’s an awesome experience. Recently, I’ve been scouting locations for senior/musician portraits. There are a couple of things that I’ve been keeping in mind when I’m looking for a location. 1.) Versatility (Are there different looks that I could get from one location?) 2.) Popularity (I love parks, but there are usually lots of people.) 3.) Will my model feel comfortable? The above photos are were taken at two different locations. The first photo was taken in downtown Phoenix on Grand Ave. and the second was taken in Tempe.