A couple of weekends ago, I had the honor of photographing for the band Superhero at the W Hotel in Scottsdale. Superhero often performs at major corporate and charity events, playing some of the best music from 80’s through today. The band was absolutely great, but the lighting was a definite concern for me. There was very little lighting on the singers, and a large projector screen silhouetted the musicians because there wasn’t enough light in front to balance the screen’s brightness. Because I’ve photographed so many metal bands who play on dark stages, I knew how to handle the situation. Besides adjusting aperture, ISO, and, shutter speed, the other thing that I do in this situation is wait for appropriate moments to capture a good shot. For example, I knew it was too dark to get any kind of jumping or quick movement. Instead, I waited for those moments where the musicians held a pose or weren’t moving too much. A lot of concert photography is making the most out of the situation. The lighting isn’t always going to be ideal. The venue may be so crowded that it’s hard to capture a shot of the band without fans blocking your view. No matter what the situation is, the photographer is responsible for getting the shots. Despite the fact that I had to deal with tricky lighting, I had a blast photographing this band. The music was great, and the band puts on an awesome show. Plus, I like the challenges that come with concert photography because it forces me to up my game. There’s less room for error, so I’m always making sure I’m using optimal settings for what I want. Overall, I’m happy with the images because I like how I composed the shots, and I feel that I accommodated for the lighting.

If you haven’t seen Superhero, I recommend that you check them out. 🙂


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