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Sometimes people have asked me for camera recommendations. It’s usually people who are fairly new to photography, and they want to purchase their first DSLR camera. The technology has improved so much over the past decade that you can’t really go wrong with any of the top camera brands you see on the market these days. So when people ask me what camera I suggest, I ask them what are they looking for in a camera. When you figure out what you want in a camera, it helps narrow the field.


Here are some examples of things to think about when looking at cameras:

  1. Weight/Size: I know a lot of photographers have recently switched to mirrorless cameras because they are smaller and lighter weight, which puts less wear and tear on their neck and shoulders.
  2. Type of Photography: Some people don’t know what they want to shoot, or maybe they’re interested in learning many different types of photography. When I first started, I really enjoyed concert photography, so identifying a camera that performed well in low light venues was important to me.
  3. Budget: Obviously this factor will have a lot to do with influencing your decision. You don’t have to buy all the lenses at once. If you’re just starting out you can opt for a kit lens. The 50mm prime lens is very versatile. In fact, the two lenses that I have used the most are the 50mm prime and 24-70mm.


Before purchasing any camera, it’s important to do your research. There’s a lot of information out there, and if you feel overwhelmed, you might consider stopping into a camera store near you. I have found many helpful people in some of the local camera shops. Once you pick a brand, you’ll want to stick with it because the lenses are not interchangeable. For example, when I switched from Nikon to Sony, I had to replace all of my lenses.





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