How Fashion Shaped My Photography


When I was eighteen, I invented the Bisadora Hip Purse, which earned an engineering patent. Being involved in the fashion industry taught me a lot about photography. There are so many genres of photography and, in the fashion business, I learned about product, lifestyle, and editorial photography. During my time as a handbag designer, I became more involved in photography and I ended up doing a few of the photoshoots myself.


Product photography taught me the importance of lighting and posing. Color accuracy is important for obvious reasons, but I also learned that the pose was just as important. I ran an online shop, and the models had to show how the purse would look on the body. In these types of photoshoots, the handbag was more important than the model. Product photography is more straight forward compared to other types of photography because the purpose is to show the product as accurately as possible. Also, there’s immediate feedback if customers feel that the website description is inaccurate.


When I worked on photoshoots for marketing campaigns and social media, I learned about the importance of storytelling. Without using words, I created lifestyle shots that I felt best described my handbag collection. These photoshoots are what really got me interested in photography. I found them to be challenging and fun, but I think what I really liked was that I had something to show at the end of the day. As a writer sometimes you have to wait years until you can show your completed work. Doing photography and writing gives me the best of both worlds because the immediacy of the photography takes some of the pressure off my writing.


While I still do some fashion photography, most of my work is split between photojournalism and artistic photography. I feel very fortunate for those years as a fashion designer because I met many incredible photographers who generously shared their knowledge with me.

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