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Holiday gift shopping can be challenging, especially if you wait until the last minute. I’ve gotten better at making my purchases earlier in the year, but I still struggle to find unique gift ideas. The hardest are the White Elephant or Secret Santa Gifts. Most often gift cards work really well. Who doesn’t love an Amazon Gift Card, right? However, there is something gratifying when you can find that perfectly gift for someone that will make them laugh or smile. Here, I’ve listed some gift ideas that might elicit a chuckle. Everything I’ve listed below is available for $25 or less.


1.) Wine Tumblers by Tru Blue Steel

I know a lot of people who like to enjoy their wine with their significant other or friends. While the Yeti brand can be a bit pricey, there are many other brands that offer the same features for a fraction of the price. These Tru Blue Steel tumblers are BPA free and dishwasher safe. Plus, they run just over $20, so they won’t break the bank.


2.) Lets Get Galactic Art

For several months, I’ve been following Holoreader on Instagram. Holoreader is an Instagram account that belongs to Cassie Lola, a book lover and reviewer. She also has the most amazing rainbow-colored hair I have ever seen. One day she posted her own art, which she sells on her Etsy Store called LetsGetGalacticArt. Her work is as colorful as her hair, and she has amazing gift ideas for people who love all things related to books. Everything from her tote bags, mugs, and prints relate to the great writers and literary classics.



Whether you’re a book nerd or you have a favorite television show, has something for everyone. They sell mugs, t-shirts, socks, among many other things with licensed artwork from well known shows and literary quotes. I purchased one of their t-shirts, and I was amazed at the softness of the fabric. Many times when I buy shirts like this, the quality of the material isn’t that great. These shirts actually feel nice. Plus, many of their items are $25 or less.


4.) Cards Against Humanity

This gift isn’t for everyone, so¬† I say proceed with caution. Cards Against Humanity is a party game for adults. During each round, one player asks a question from the black card deck. The other players have to answer with the funniest card they have in their hand. Whoever has the funniest card wins the round. I know a lot of people who have heard or mentioned this card game, so I’ve always known to whom I could give this gift. This game can get pretty vulgar, which is why I say it might not be for everyone.

Since it’s original publication, Cards Against Humanity has produced a variety of specialty decks, which are available on Amazon. You can also make your own custom deck on their website


5.) A Coffee Table Book – Tattle Tales: Tattoo Stories and Portraits

The nice thing about coffee table books is that it’s pretty easy reading. It’s mostly images. Tattle Tales is a collection of stories and portraits of the people who have devoted their bodies to tattoos. Teachers, lawyers, doctors, and many others, who worked in professions that until recently were not accepting of tattoos, share their personal stories and the meaning behind their ink. Tattle Tales is also my debut book, and it is available on Amazon.


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