This week I’m doing something a little different. Last Friday I had the opportunity to photograph Element A440. So today I’m  giving you a concert review for one of Phoenix’s recognized industrial metal bands.

Element has been around the Phoenix music scene for several years, demonstrating a level of tenacity that would make most bands blush. I have seen a couple of their shows over the last four years, and, every time I see them, they somehow manage to push themselves musically and theatrically. When you see an Element show, you’re not just going to see a band. They pull you into their world; a world that is dark, sexy, and very bloody.

Light-hearted Vaudeville-like acts added humor to an otherwise intense set. Where other bands have failed to intersperse such acts into their sets, these additional performers kept their acts short and sweet. The momentum continued with Halo’s screaming vocals and emotionally-packed lyrics, while his band mates, Graven, Animal, and Kat, captivated the audience with their playing as well as with their body language and spewing of fake blood. One of Element’s strength is their ability to connect with their audience. Halo was always near the edge of the stage, undaunted by the fans reaching out to touch him or wanting to sing along with him. Standing near the stage (so I could take photos), I could feel the room swelling with heat as more and more people were trying to get closer to the band.

Element collaborated with another popular Phoenix band called Frequis. I have never seen them do this before, but, even though their styles are different, the collaboration worked really well. The two bands had good chemistry and the mixture of different music created an exciting dynamic.

If one thing can certainly be said about Element A440 it’s that they know how to put on a show. All the members were at the venue hours before the doors opened, perfecting their stage setup. With the dedication and charisma this band displays, I have no doubt Phoenix, as well as many other cities, will be seeing much more of this band.

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