The Importance of a Stylist

In the beginning, it’s common for photographers to wear multiple hats. For my first fashion shoot, I played stylist and photographer. Though I pulled it off, it was stressful finding clothes and matching them with the right accessories. Even though I love fashion, my jeans and t-shirt style made me feel a little out of my element. Needless to say, the shoot gave me a greater appreciation for stylists. There is so much that goes into creating a great fashion shoot. Lighting and camera equipment aside, there’s the selection of clothing, accessories, makeup, and hair. Every decision creates a nuance in the entire look. In a fashion editorial there are multiple outfits. Every outfit has to have it’s own look but also fit into a greater theme. This is no easy feat. Creating different looks while maintaining continuity is harder than it sounds. Stylists deserve a lot of credit. Last week I attended the Spring into Style event, hosted by Phoenix Fashion Week. The breadth of talent confirmed that Phoenix’s fashion community is only getting stronger. Six local stylists, which included Vanessa Gonzales, Nuvia Magdahi, Audree Lopez, Jenesis Laforcarde, Timothy Boado, and Jackie Marin, presented their interpretation on various themes. […]