Brandy Isadora’s love for photography started when she was very young. Her parents collected vintage movie posters and glamour headshots. The walls in her home were covered with the faces of Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Bridgette Bardot, Errol Flynn, David Lee Roth, and many more.

Before establishing her photography company, Isadora Images, she pursued careers in fashion design, music, and writing. During that time in her life, she enjoyed documenting her experiences through photography. After graduating with her Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing at California College of the Arts, she started working as freelance photojournalist for two online music websites, Cryptic Rock and Soundwave Brigade. She has since covered many bands, such as Overkill, Red, Killswitch Engage, The Melvins, and Steel Panther. She also writes for a movie poster museum and art gallery called Femmes Fatales and Fantasies, which she also co owns.

Isadora is currently wrapping up a project where she has interviewed and photographed people with tattoos. She does not have a speck of ink on her, but she has always been fascinated with tattoos, particularly the stories behind them. As a musician herself, she has always been exposed to people with a lot of body art. She put this book together to show how this burgeoning art form is becoming mainstream. People from all different backgrounds, lawyers, nurses, teachers, parents, and many others share what it’s like being a tattooed person. Their stories are as varied and beautiful as their body art. Stay tuned and check out her blog for more details on this exciting project.



Isadora Images’ studio is conveniently located in Phoenix, Arizona. For a successful photo shoot, it is important that the client is comfortable and relaxed. The studio is both professional and spacious, equipped with pre-hung backdrops and a professional makeup/dressing room, providing privacy for clients for any wardrobe changes. It’s also the perfect place if the client chooses to hire a makeup artist and/or hair stylist.

However, if a studio setting isn’t what you have in mind, Brandy is available to travel to another venue or location. She’s also an experienced outdoor, natural light photographer.