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Who hasn’t wondered about the person that adorned their skin with tattoos?

Tattle Tales is a collection of portraits and stories of teachers, lawyers, doctors, and many others who work in professions that until recently did not tolerate tattoos. They explain why they have chosen to permanently ink their bodies, with stories as varied and beautiful as their body art.

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Tattle Tales Tattoo Book
Brandy Isadora - Photographer and Author


Non Fiction Book Awards Gold WinnerBrandy Isadora’s love for photography started when she was very young. Her parents, who are avid film buffs, decorated their home with vintage movie posters and glamorous movie stills of iconic movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Jimmy Stewart, and Marilyn Monroe. Brandy’s exposure to these famous photographs of the past inspired her passion for photography.

Before establishing her photography company, Isadora Images, Brandy pursued careers in fashion design and music. During that time in her life, she enjoyed documenting her experiences through photography. After graduating with her Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing at California College of the Arts, she started working as a freelance photojournalist.